Reasons to clean the dust! 

  • OSHA: Dust National Emphasis Program created by OSHA to crack down on companies who don't keep up on this overseen housekeeping rule. 
  • Quality Control: Leaving dust on your rafters, pipes and electric cords can greatly effect your product and expensive equipment. Foreign Object Debris is an issue that effect thousands of production plants and can be easily prevented with routine high ceiling dusting.
  • Combustible Dust: If your plant deals with any type of combustible dust and is not properly cleaned you run the risks of dust explosions, let us help you implement a combustible dust program for you to keep you and your employees safe.
  • HVAC System: Keep your system running smoothly and prevent clogging your system with dust.
  • Health Issues: Keep your employees healthy! Built up dust can cause health issues like allergies and breathing problems. 

Overhead dust is an overlooked aspect of facility cleanliness. Since overhead areas are generally out of site, managers are often unaware of the amount of dust that can accumulate in a short time.

​High dusting and cleaning often exceeds the capabilities of the typical housekeeping crew or janitorial service.

Using powerful, state of the art vacuums and a specialized video system, Tr-Glo has developed a clean, safe, effective method of removing dust and dirt from hard-to-reach overhead areas from the GROUND UP!

High Glass./Window Cleaning

With state of the art window cleaning systems Tri-Glo is able to cleaning interior and exterior windows up to 60' safely from the ground. 

Using reverse osmosis, windows come out clean and spot free! 

Ceiling & Exposed Rafter Cleaning & High Dusting


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